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About Aphesa

Aphesa provides consulting in image sensors, image sensor characterization, image sensor integration and machine vision integration services as well as image sensor and technology training sessions.

Aphesa also develops custom and standard industrial cameras for line scan and area scan sensors based on the CameraLink, GigE-Vision, USB3-Vision, USB2, USB3, CoaXpress and SDI protocols as well as other usual video and computer interfaces. We apply and follow the recommendations of the international machine vision standards. Camera developments are made in collaboration with partners.

We have developed an EMVA1288 v3 compliant test equipment to characterize and benchmark image sensors and cameras for industrial, medical, automotive, space, scientific and other machine vision applications.

We also provide custom software and hardware development services in collaboration with partners.

Our team is made of multiple freelance engineers with long experience in electronics development and imaging. Together with the team of partners, the overall group is more than 65 people.

The company is located in Belgium and has been founded in 2008 by Arnaud Darmont who previously already had several years of camera and image sensor experience.

Featured service

Our experience in image sensor consulting includes the selection of an image sensor for a specific application, the writing of specifications for custom image sensor designs, the design of FPGA code to improve the performance of sensors or to control sensors, the integration of image sensors into cameras, the design of custom cameras, high-dynamic-range imaging, and much more.

Featured product

FlEye is a family of high speed line scan cameras based on Awaiba's dragster sensor and available in multiple resolutions, lens mounts, interface and body options.

Fleye camera


Feb 2018 - Aphesa moved to new offices

Jan 2018 - Aphesa chairs the Electronic Imaging conferences

Jan 2018 - Arnaud Darmont appointed manager of standards of the EMVA

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About us

Aphesa develops custom cameras and custom electronics including FPGA code and embedded software. We also provide EMVA1288 test equipment and test services as well as consulting and training in machine vision and imaging technologies. Aphesa works in several markets including industrial, medical, oil&gas and security.